Kevin - Global Sales Manager, MIZU

“In the increasingly complicated world of product registration and order automation, Get Inertia has stepped up to make this process easy and affordable. It has been a real pleasure working with their team and watching their growth over the last 5 years. I would recommend their services and consultation to brands of any size and level of need, as they make it a point to customize your experience and meet your specific level of need in EDI.”

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“Thankfully Get Inertia was recommended to us, as soon after we needed to become an EDI vendor with our major accounts. EDI requirements, including technical procedures, packing regulations, and shipping compliance can be overwhelming, time consuming and costly for a small business to handle internally. Get Inertia was able to give us a clear and simplified overview of the process and then take care of all the details. They made the whole process easy and seamless."

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Nicole - NICASA

“Being in the industry for 10 plus years now and working with over 30 different brands and 15 warehouses, Get Inertia is hands down the best full service retail operations company I have ever worked with. They now warehouse over half the brands I represent and between their EDI capabilities and impeccable customer service, I could not be more satisfied. The fact I hear back within the day, most of the times within an hour, of every request is unreal."

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Brian - Melin Co-Founder and President

"In taking the big step up to working with EDI compatible retail partners we were really nervous knowing how challenging EDI can be. We decided to jump on board with one of the "big EDI" companies and had an absolutely terrible experience. I was sharing my frustration on this experience when a friend of mine turned me onto Get Inertia. We have been working with them ever since and cannot say enough positive things about these guys."

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Reed - Sales Director, Aviator Nation

“Get Inertia was always my go to for all of our EDI needs. The EDI process is not the easiest thing to wrap your head around so I would always defer to Andrew and he never failed to get the job done. Even when we ran into roadblocks, they were taken care of immediately. They are very knowledgeable about the whole process and will get the job done!”

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