Why Get Inertia?

After the recession began in 2008, we recognized a need within the consumer goods industry. Having worked in the industry for years, we heard many complaints and questions about electronic data interchange (EDI) and the frustrating process of becoming EDI compliant with trading partners. This need was so great that we ignored the condition of the economy and started Get Inertia to help these companies in need.

Brands in search of help with EDI compliance, ticketing, data entry, and fulfillment can now breathe easy, as Get Inertia is here to help. We strive to make your life easier, by setting up a plan to fit your company’s needs, and save you real time and money. Get Inertia is committed to the growth and efficiency of its clientele, and it shows in THEIR success.

Effective: We manage the entire EDI process for your company, saving you money otherwise spent on employee’s salaries, expensive hardware and software. Fearful of charge backs? Many vendors find themselves using inadequate solutions that can cause charge backs in excess of thousands of dollars. The question then becomes, why risk selling to these retailers? The answer: without an appropriate EDI solution, you shouldn’t. However, using the right EDI solution will prevent you from sending out incorrect documents, avoiding chargebacks and letting you profit from trading relationships that you might otherwise avoid.

Efficient: We manage and maintain all EDI related processes so you can focus on running your brand and gaining new business. Whether you’re a business owner or the person who manages your company’s EDI process, you want to focus on the growth of the business – obtaining orders, shipping product, creating new business relationships. Allowing us to take care of the complex technology side of the business will free up many hours of time which could be dedicated to growth.

Tailored Solutions Approach: We understand that no two clients are the same and each brand has its own individual goals, which is why we offer a variety of services that are tailored to meet a wide range of needs including full EDI management, UPC generation and management, barcode tickets and labels and fulfillment. Regardless of the size of your company, Get Inertia can help meet all your retail compliance and operational needs. While we are accessible to the beginner, our operation is robust and can handle a high volume of transactions. Get Inertia is designed to be a catalyst in your brand growth.

Get Inertia: Retail Compliance & Operations Simplified

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