Our fulfillment center can handle all cross dock, e-commerce, and specialized retailer (EDI) order shipments.  Our support staff can also provide administrative management to navigate the entire order process for brands.

EDI Order Fulfillment

  • Fulfilling EDI orders can be challenging for brands managing logistics in house or their 3PL
  • Our brands deliver their EDI dedicated bulks for preparation and shipment by Get Inertia
  • Specialization in full service value added services
  • Vendor compliant ticketing, labeling, hanging and folding
  • Direct-to-consumer and floor ready compliant materials for all major (EDI) retailers
  • General QC and inspection for floor ready requirements
  • Pack processing that adheres to trading partner vendor manuals
  • Ensure all trading partner compliance is met to ensure chargebacks will not be incurred

Cross Dock Order Fulfillment

  • Carton in and carton out processing for your one to one sales order to PO retail orders
  • Quick receipt and shipment process including all routing as well as compliance verification
  • Relay factory prepared store dedicated orders to their final destinations
  • Specialized fulfillment for brands working with special cuts or made to order products

E-Commerce Fulfillment

  • Fulfillment for direct to consumer orders
  • Brand tailored packaging to complete the customer experience
  • Same day turnaround on most orders
  • Reverse logistics¬†processing for e-commerce returns

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